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American born Burlington, NC

Beverly Dameron
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I like color, vivid color. It’s the constant in my paintings. My subjects and style may vary but the vivid color is always there. Color; like music, can alter your mood and even manipulate your thoughts. Many people like the color blue. It can possibly make you feel calm and you might think of the ocean or a memory of being at the beach and feeling calm. Having traveled extensively I have seen how color plays an integral role in all cultures. For example, red in Asia could mean prosperity, in India it could mean purity and some countries in Africa it could mean death. It’s entertaining to me when I hear expressions like ” I’m feeling blue” or “It’s a golden opportunity” or “green with envy”. If you were to present yourself as a color, what would that color be? Why? What were you thinking or feeling? Probably many colors. I hope you enjoy my paintings as I continue to explore the language of color.

“I found I could say things with colors that I couldn’t say in any other way… things I had no words for.”

– Georgia O’Keeffe


2021 – 2019

NLAPW (National League American Pen Women) Board Member Fort Lauderdale Branch, Corresponding Secretary 

2021 – 2018

NLAPW Board Member

2021 – 2016

NLAPW Member

2021 – 2016

ArtServe Fort Lauderdale, FL Member


2020, 2019

Bonney Goldstein (studied under) - Fort Lauderdale, FL


Rebel Doodles Jen Jovan Walls


Abstracts Lois Perdue



Sketching, Painting, Abstracts Bob Burridge


The Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute, Fort Lauderdale, FL


Wylene del Pino (studied under) Fort Lauderdale, FL


Stephen Songer (studied under) Spring City, UT


Kathryn Stats (studied under) Spring City, UT


East Carolina University, BS Speech, Language

& Audiology, (studied color and design) Greenville, NC

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